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What is Reborning?

What is Reborning?

Quite Simply, Reborning is the transformation of a vinyl form through Art, into a baby doll which is more realistic and has newly given lifelike properties.

The Artist will start with either a ready made doll which they will strip the factory paint and hair and only utilise the vinyl parts, or they will start with a purpose made blank vinyl kit, more often than not Artists tend to buy the purpose made kits. Once the Artist is in possession of the blank kit, they will begin to paint the doll.  There are several paints used for this including but not limited to; Genesis Heat set oils, Gouache, specialist Acrylic based paints. The Artist will use a combination of specially blended hues to create a lifelike skin tone. The painting process can take anything from 6-100+ hours to complete, depending on the Artist preference and techniques used.

The Artist will then add hair to the Reborn. This can be achieved in several ways, but at present the most popular is to root Angora goat mohair into the scalp using a fine felting needle. This can be a long drawn out task, and can take several days, anything up to 40+ solid hours work can go into a single head of hair.  There are no short cuts when it comes to rooting a head. There should be NO visible plugs of hair, and if the term "micro" rooted is described then there should be a maximum of 3 single strands of hair from each follicle (hole) and there should be no stubble, or spikes at the base of the rooted hair.

Reborns are generally in the form of Newborn Human babies, but can also be toddlers, Preemies or even Baby primates!  The Art of Reborns started in the 1990's in the USA, although the enhancement of vinyl dolls was around for several years previous to this, referring to them as "Reborns" was coined around 14 years ago.


Our product disclaimer.


We dissuade of heating vinyl doll kits in the oven, because the vinyl (all vinyl kinds) doesn't always stand the heat and enhances the risk of accidents, breaks, bubbles and black spots.


Toxic fumes can arise from the paint thinners when heated.


Our kits are phthalate and bpa free.


We will not be responsible for any damages if vinyl is heated - Heat the vinyl at your own risk.


This is a collectors item, not a childs toy.


Please keep plastic bags out of the reach of children at all times.

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