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Ordering, shipping, what to expect?



Shipping Invoice

After you place your order with us, you will receive a shipping invoice typically within 24 hours.

If you do not receive a shipping invoice please contact us as your order may not have been received correctly.

Please make sure the address on both payments are the same as this will save time and help us get your order out to you faster.

The Kits are not painted.

Here we sell blank vinyl parts, ready for you or a chosen artist to paint and bring to life with your own materials.


You will receive only blank vinyl parts, unless it has been otherwise stated.

Black Spots

Occasionally you will get a kit with a tiny black speck in the vinyl.

This is a common occurrence as the kits are hand made and are not considered a flaw.

If you heat the vinyl (we do not recommend this) it can also bring black spots that are deep in the vinyl to the surface.

Some black specks we do consider flaws, these are specks that have developed into clumps in areas on the vinyl. Whilst we do our best to sort and exclude these that we consider flawed, if you receive a part that is of concern to you, please contact us right away by email with images. If you heat the vinyl please note you do so at your own risk and we are no longer responsible for the vinyl at that point going forward.

Replacement Policy

Occasionally a part may have a manufacturers issue, or you may have an accident and need a replacement.

We welcome you to contact us with any issues you may have with a part, we can offer advice or replacement on the single part with a manufacturing issue at our cost. For personal accidental issues, we can often provide a replacement part at your cost, as long as the kit is an open edition.

Our Product Disclaimer


We dissuade of heating vinyl doll kits in the oven, because the vinyl (all vinyl kinds) doesn't always stand the heat and enhances the risk of accidents, breaks, bubbles and black spots.


Toxic fumes can arise from the paint thinners when heated.


Our kits are phthalate and bpa free.


We will not be responsible for any damages if vinyl is heated - Heat the vinyl at your own risk.


This is a collectors item, not a childs toy.


Please keep plastic bags out of the reach of children at all times.

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